How to write an argumentative essay?

An argumentative text is a form of discourse that aims to support, defend or refute a thesis (or point of view, opinion), to convince and persuade the reader about a theme or a subject and encourage him to change his opinion or judgment, or incite him to act. This by using arguments chained through logical links and based on facts or observations.

This form of text is part of the test of English in the examination. Sometimes students are asked to write an argumentative text, this is in the regional written part of the production.

Written production at the regional examination: how to write an argumentative text?
First, before starting to write an argumentative text to answer a written production question, it is important to read the statement and clearly understand the instructions to know exactly what you are being asked: Who are you have to convince? Is it to defend or refute a thesis?

Then make a rough draft in which you will pose the structure of the text that you will follow, your position, your arguments and your examples. Then classify your arguments from the least convincing to the most convincing. Review and correct inconsistencies and spelling. Then start writing the argumentative text following the appropriate structure.

A small strategy for writing an argumentative text for written production
To be able to write an argumentative text, it is necessary to define the most effective strategy for:

  • make known his position in relation to a subject,
  • to highlight,
  • to have it admitted to an audience,
  • demonstrate with order and progression,
  • contradict an opposite thesis,
  • criticize a contrary position,
  • serve a cause or a party.
  • How to write an argumentative text: Structure to respect
  • You also have to respect a structure to write an argumentative text. That is to say:

-An introduction: which contains a presentation of the subject, a reformulation of the thesis (answer to the problem) and an announcement of the plan in the form of questions.

-A body of text: the body of the text consists of several paragraphs, connectors and arguments with examples, starting with weak arguments and ending with stronger arguments to give more weight to your opinion . We must also begin by contradicting the opposite thesis and end up confirming and defending the thesis or point of view in question. Remember that each argument, its explanation and example must be a single paragraph. Changing paragraphs to each argument makes your assignment clearer and better organized.

-A conclusion: the conclusion includes a summary of the answers to the questions asked in the introduction, a brief recapitulation of the elements developed in the body of the text and finally, to finish with his personal opinion accompanied by a phrase shock (example: proverb, quotation , a question, or a reorientation towards another problematic ..)

How to write an argumentative text: Logical connectors
Writing an argumentative text requires the use of multiple connectors to link paragraphs to create a logical sequence of ideas and make more sense of what you are writing.

Writing an argumentative text is not so complicated. It is enough to respect the structure (introduction, body, conclusion), to use solid arguments as well as examples to support them and to connect the ideas by linguistic means that we call the logical connectors.

Written production subject argumentative text
A subject of production written argumentative text, these subjects vary from one year to another but the themes remain the same: childhood, traditions, Moroccan society, capital punishment, current affairs.

The subjects of production written for an argumentative text, are affordable in the sense that the subjects are already treated in class, and are not complicated to develop.

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