How to write a biography?

Writing a biography can be done in several volumes, or in a few paragraphs.

This is exactly what is expected of you in college, that you are able to write a biography between 150 and 250 words approximately. You may be asked to write a biography of a character who actually existed, or a fictional character.

The first difficulty will be to choose the most important facts in the life of your character, real or fictional. The course of his life is usually chronological, from birth to old age or death.

The second difficulty will be to link the facts between them to give them coherence, so that the whole forms a story.

The third difficulty? Master the Simple Past, which we call Preterite in different languages, because it is the time of the story in English. A quick tour on the Past page might be useful .

If you have to write the biography of a real person, do not hesitate to multiply your sources (history books, encyclopedias, internet, etc …).
If you have a choice, prefer to write the biography of a character you like, who ‘talks’ to you.

If you have to write a fictional biography, let go, but within the limits of the subject!

The articulation of a biography is primarily chronological, it is not necessary to use and abuse words of connection, but do not forget to situate the events in time, and some in relation to other. A quick tour on the linking words page might be helpful.

To see an example of a biography, click here. It was written by one of my third bilingual students and corrected by the class.

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