How to write a postcard?

There are lots of ways to write a holiday postcard, here are some helpful tips!

1) The date is written on the top right, if you want to put it. On a postcard, it is not mandatory.

2) The courtesy formula is usually short and familiar. Here are some suggestions:

  • Hi John!
  • Hello Vicky!
  • Dear Sam and Brenda,

3) Traditionally, the body of the postcard contains information on:

  • weather
  • the trip
  • anecdotes or details of the place

It must be both short, positive, and make you want to travel

Here are some sentences that may be useful. Be careful to choose the time of the verbs when you talk about activities in progress, carried out or planned! Ditto for the weather.

The catch with the rental: We are having a wonderful / fantastic / great time here in …
The weather: The weather is hot and perfect / sunny / wonderful / a bit chilly

4) We end with a nice little formula, like:

  • See you soon!
  • See you next week!
  • Hope you were here with us / me!
  • Lots of love,

5) We sign and we do not forget the x to signal kisses if necessary!

5 How to write a formal letter in English ?

There are different ways to write a formal letter in English. Here is a model that can be adapted to different situations.


1) We write his address in the top right corner

2) We write the address of the recipient in front of his address, ie in the top right corner, either on the same line or slightly below.


3) Below the two addresses, we give the date that we write in full, not in abbreviated form. It can be left or right. Both positions are accepted.

No need to go beyond three paragraphs. The information needs to be clear and concise, with one main idea per paragraph

6) In the next paragraph, detail the purpose of the letter.

7) In the last paragraph, state clearly what is expected of the recipient of the mail.


8) To finish his letter, we use a polite phrase such as “I am looking forward to hearing from you.” Or its equivalent to the Simple Present: “I look forward to hearing from you.”
If the expected answer is urgent, one of the following formulas can be added:

  • Thank you for your prompt help.
  • I would appreciate an answer at your convenience
  • An early reply would be greatly appreciated

9) The usual greetings for closing a letter:

  • we mentioned the name of the recipient, we use “Yours sincerely”
  • we do not know the name of the recipient, we use “Yours faithfully”

10) Finally, one signs, and one adds his name in letter of printing below his signature. If the person receiving the letter does not know you, we add their marital status in parentheses (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss)

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